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“Kholodilnaya Tekhnika” magazine

Published since January, 1912.
Appeared under the titles, as follows:
1912-1917 – “Kholodilnoe delo”
1923-1924 – “Kholodilnoe e boyenskoye delo”
1925-1927 – “Kholodilnoe delo”
1928-1929 – “Skoroportyashchiesya produkty
e Kholodilnoe delo”
1930-1936 – “Kholodilnoe delo”
1937-1940 – “Kholodilnaya promyshlennost”
Since 1941 – “Kholodilnaya Tekhnika”
The only one in its kind in Russia and countries of CIS a monthly scientific-technical and information-analytical magazine on scientific and technical development in all fields of refrigerating, cryogenic engineering and technology, air conditioning and ventilation, automation and control, refrigerated transport, processes and apparatuses of food productions, working media, ecology and energy saving problems.
For more than 100 years the magazine has been a primary source of information on fundamental and applied works of Russian and overseas leading scientists. Also this is an edition in which the results of dissertation for a degree of Candidate and Doctor of science are published.

The magazine enters the abstract data base Agris registered in the Russian Science Citation index.

Access to full-text electronic versions of the magazine is open on the portal of the scientific electronic library eLIBRARY